Buying a Ruby

The colour is the first consideration when buying a ruby. The more intense and lively your red, the more rare and expensive it is. There are 3 grades of colour for rubies: Very Red, Moderately Red, and Pinkish Red. Most jewellers use a natural colour alteration technique by heating it. This is common and does not make the stone any more artificial because this is the same process that would happen in nature. Thus, Jaubalet mostly offers heated rubies. If you would like a ruby that is not heated, please contact us.

The Weight

Generally speaking, the heavier precious gemstones are, the more expensive they are. Rubies are the exception. High quality rubies weighing less than 3 carats will be of higher value than big rubies weighing around one hundred carats with low clarity. One reason for this is the difficulty in cutting big rubies due to the inclusions that are present. Buy these rubies directly online:

1 carat (Ø5.8-6.4mm)

1.5 carat (Ø6.3-7.1mm)

2 carats (Ø7.0-7.6mm)

Though you may always contact us if you would like a different size ruby. We have a large variety of rubies that respond to all of your needs.

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