What are the recommendations for buying emeralds?

Generally Speaking, when buying an emerald there is some information that it is better to have when making your choice. They concern clarity, intensity, and colour. These are the three most important things to consider. The shape and the weight are subjective and mainly will be decided by budget.


Emeralds are not known for being flawless. Their inclusions are not defects, rather proof that they are authentic. Generally, there are two types of inclusions: “moss”, cluster of moss. In the latter case, it is referred to as a jardin, the French word for garden. These are natural elements that are present in emeralds and do not have a major impact on their value or quality unless the inclusions are quite deep.


The more intense the colour is the higher the cost will be. Thus, a pale green colour will be very inexpensive. Note that colour enhancement treatments do exist. Learn about these enhancements on our page for colour-treated-precious gemstones. The most expensive emeralds are grass green and are exceptionally brilliant. It is also necessary to know that emerald green saturations vary from faint to very dark with intermediary hues of yellowish green or light blue.

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